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    I’m Mikhaila Fuller (previously Peterson).

    My family suffered with multiple mysterious ailments for decades.

    I had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, psychiatric disorders (severe depression or bipolar), and some unbelievable diseases like multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies to everything you can imagine, and more. You can read about my experience here.

    Both my parents almost died. It’s been brutal.

    I finally came across the reason why I believe my family and I have been so chronically ill. Keep in mind I need to finish treatment to be 100% sure of this, but I put this website together because the peer reviewed literature, my symptoms and blood work and MRI’s, and my family’s symptoms and experiences are too much to ignore. Right now my symptoms are completely in remission with the Lion Diet and living in an extremely clean house, and avoiding triggers, but my sensitivities haven’t decreased. Time will tell if CIRS treatment will reduce the sensitivities but I’m happy right now!

    24% of the population is susceptible to extreme disease from common biotoxins. 80% of housing have biotoxins (mold and bacteria) from previous and current water damage, in levels high enough to cause disease in susceptible individuals.

    It’s not obvious.

    You don’t have to have visible mold to suffer from biotoxins in hidden water damage. If you have unexplained illnesses or haven’t figured out why you can’t heal, get checked for CIRS, biotoxin illnesses such as Lyme, and check/remediate your environment, and heal. Learn how using the resources on this website. It’s scary, but it’s not that complicated. So far treatment is helping me. I’ll know more in the next 6 months but I wanted to put up everything I’ve learned, in case you want to get started or look into this for yourself.

    Start Here

    Read first – current update

    1. Test your body

    2. Test your environment

    3. Remediate your environment

    4. Start treatment

    5. Use diet to reduce suffering and heal faster

    6. Heal

    Unfortunately for me (and for 24% of the world), this is a fairly new discovery. It’s like discovering asbestos and lead causing disease. It’s just new. The oldest studies are from 1997 and it wasn’t even formally named until 2003 (peer reviewed studies for the treatment protocol are from then). The main reason people don’t know about this is because it’s new.

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