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  • Woman Horrified to Find Mold In Breast Implants After Debilitating Illness

    In her video, @melissalima713 said she first got her implants in 2002 because she felt “insecure” with her body.

    Starting in 2010, however, she said she started experiencing severe joint pain, depression and inflammation. She searched for an answer and went to a number of doctors but was unable to pinpoint what was happening.

    “As a single mom, I couldn’t get out of bed to cook for my boys and would often wonder if they would be better without me,” read the text over @melissalima713’s video, which featured a montage of photos and videos of the different side effects she faced.

    Her friend suggested that she look into breast implant illness, and in October 2020, @melissalima713 decided to remove her breast implants.

    A clip featuring a removed implant with brown dots swirling in the liquid was included in the video.

    “Yes that’s mold,” read the text over the video.

    And she’s not alone. Another woman’s video went viral after she shared that her own implants contained mold.

    It was only a matter of hours before @melissalima713 said she saw a change.

    “I finally felt like me again,” she said. “Now I’m living my best life. And best of all, my sons have their mom back.”

    Published on September 15, 2022 by Newsweek.

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